Creative Balloons Manufacturing has been an award winning, leading supplier of top quality Latex Balloons, Mylar Balloons, and Custom Printed Balloons since 1973.

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Plain Latex Balloons (e.g. 12″ Red Balloons)

E-Z Safety Seal Valved Latex Balloons (e.g. 11″ Blue Valved Balloons)

 Jumbo Latex Balloons (e.g. 36″ Jumbo Latex)

 Retail Packaged Latex Balloons (e.g. 72 ct Bag of Balloons)

 Plain Foil Balloons (e.g. Solid Colors)

Printed Foil Balloons (Pre Printed Design e.g. Get Well)

Custom Printed Foil Balloons (Your Design)

 Custom Printed Latex Balloons (Your Design)

Custom Printed E-Z Safety Seal Valved Latex Balloons (Your Design)

 Custom Shaped Foil Balloons (Your Shape and Design)