Custom Printed Foil Balloons

Custom Printed Foil Balloons

Custom-Printed-Foil-Balloons-Creative-Balloons-ManufacturingBuy Custom Printed Foil Balloons in bulk at low, wholesale balloon prices. Our top quality Foil Balloons are constructed to deliver maximum floating time, and to feature any customized message, logo or design with perfect clarity.

Custom Printed Foil Balloons are great for introducing a new product, business advertising, new store openings, special events, fundraisers and much more.

Helium Printed Foil Balloons stay inflated promoting brands & messages for up to 2 weeks!

Save more money by using Custom Printed Foil Balloons to effectively brand your company and promote your message. Buy in wholesale balloon quantities for big savings. We ship foil balloons along with balloon ribbon and balloon weights for the ultimate turn-key solution for event decorating and promotions.

Benefits of our Custom Printed Foil Balloons:

  • Choose 1 side or 2 side balloon printing.
  • Choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 color printing on the balloons.
  • Durable, Hi-Quality Foil Balloon material.
  • Built-in self-sealing balloon valve locks in Helium.
  • Order Satin Balloon Ribbon & Balloon Weights for a finished look.
  • Some U.S. States require Balloon Weights to tether Foil Balloons.
  • Balloon Ribbon sold separately (500 yard spools)
  • Balloon Weights sold separately


The Perfect Shape and Color for Every Occasion:

Wholesale Printed Foil Balloons - Advertising Balloons - Creative Balloons Manufacturing

Printed Foil Balloons - Wholesale Balloons - Creative Balloons Manufacturing

Printed Foil Balloons are great for:

Advertising Campaigns, Political Campaigns, In-Store Promotions, Grand Store Openings, Fundraisers, Special Events, Concerts, P.O.P. (Point of Purchase) Giveaways, Charity Events, School, Dances & Events, Graduations, Birthdays, Event Decorations & Decor

Need a Helium Balloon Inflator to match? No Problem. We have many styles to choose from, from our standard Helium Inflators to our Helium / Air mixture inflators, we can find the right solution for your program.

Need helium on the go? Try our Disposable Helium Tanks which can easily inflate 25 Foil Balloons (18″ size) at events, tradeshows and conferences on the move.