14" Foil Balloons Creative Balloons Manufacturing

Air-Filled Foil Balloons with E-Z Balloon Cup & E-Z Balloon Stick Holder

Creative Balloons Manufacturing offers a full line of beautiful 14″ Foil Balloons. Produced with the highest quality standards, these 14″ Foil Balloons are designed for Air Inflation using our E-Z Balloon Pump (dual-action hand pump) or Electric Powered Balloon Inflator, and attach perfectly to our E-Z Balloon Cup and E-Z Balloon Stick holder – great for Birthday Party Favors, Special Event Decorations, Holiday Gifts, beautiful additions to Floral Arrangements and Special Promotions!

14″ Foil Balloons are shipped un-inflated. E-Z Balloon Cup™ & E-Z Balloon Stick™ sold separately.

Great for Retailers, Supermarket Chains, Party Stores, Wholesale Distributors, Florists, Hospital Gift Shops, and much more!

14″ Foil Balloons are not to be inflated with Helium, as they will not float.