Top Quality, 8 Gram Balloon Weights

8 gram Balloon Weights Happy Weight Creative Balloons Mfg Inc

send_me_info_button8 Gram Balloon Weights are great for Supermarket Floral Balloon Programs, Retailers, Party Stores, Wholesale Distributors, Florists, Balloon Decorators, Schools, Fundraisers and Special Events.

Simply attach 8 gram Balloon Weights to Helium Filled Latex Balloons or Helium Filled Foil Balloons for a finished balloon look.

  • 8 gram Balloon Weight Wholesale Creative Balloons ManufacturingMolded from Durable, Hi-Quality Plastic Material
  • Holds 1 – 11″ Latex Balloon
  • Holds 1 – 18″ Foil Balloon
  • 4 Fun, Decorative, Popular Shapes
  • Happy Heart ™
  • Happy Bear ™
  • Happy Star ™
  • Happy Face ™
  • Packaged: 100 pcs / bag x 24 bags / case
  • Primary-Plus Color Asst: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • 100% Recyclable

* Important: As per State Law, some U.S. States like California, require Foil Balloons to be tethered properly by Balloon Weights to prevent balloons from floating up into power lines and rafters and causing power outages. Use Smart Balloon practices and always properly weight your Helium filled balloons.

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