Advertising Solutions

A Turn-Key Promotional Balloon Solution

We work with regional, national and international companies to design custom-tailored, branded balloon programs that deliver real results. Since 1973, Creative Balloons Manufacturing has pioneered innovative promotional balloon programs that are designed with our customers in mind. From dramatically increasing new foot traffic and store sales at nationally-recognized Restaurant Chains, to developing key promotional balloon programs for Retailers that amplify new product launches and new store openings, our programs are cost-effective and proven winners.

A Perfect Helium Balloon in just 6 Seconds:

Custom Logo Printed Latex Balloons Creative Balloons ManufacturingWe developed our patented E-Z Safety Seal® Valve for fast moving business operations who needed to quickly inflate balloons for decorations, giveaways and promotions. For over 35 years, we have supplied leading companies with our Custom Printed E-Z Safety Seal® Valved Latex Balloons, the fastest balloon program on the market.

The E-Z Safety Seal® Valved Latex Balloon eliminates all hand-tying of the balloons, and each balloon comes with 4-feet of coiled satin ribbon already attached at our production facility. Fast moving companies appreciate the tremendous time, labor and cost savings by inflating, sealing and stringing a perfect Helium Balloon in just 6 seconds.

The Branded Solution for Balloon Distribution:

There’s nothing worse than your printed promotional balloon floating away from customers. That’s why we designed our patented 8-gram Logo Weight™ which serves to both tether an 11″ Helium-filled Latex Balloon or an 18″ Foil Balloon, and provide a powerful branding solution to every balloon that’s  distributed at a retail establishment, supermarket floral department or special event. The 8-gram Logo Weight is available in a wide range of colors and can be printed in full color (4 colors) for a vibrant, lasting promotional campaign that advertises brands for weeks at a time in-store, and continues when taken home by customers. Imagine everyone at the party now knowing that your store supplied that beautiful looking balloon. This drives new customers and is a cost-effective advertising solution that bounces around neighborhoods in a fun, festive way.

8 gram Logo Weight Advertising Printed Balloon Weight Creative Balloons Manufacturing

A Long Lasting Promotional Effect:

Custom Printed Foil Balloons Creative Balloons ManufacturingOur Printed Foil Balloons deliver your message in style. With full color printing and exact PMS (Pantone) color matching for inks, your balloons will make a major impact that is in perfect unison with your corporate look and feel. Choose from our popular stock balloon shapes (18″ Round, 18″ Star, 18″ Heart, 22″ Square) or work with our qualified Design Team to custom create your very own shaped foil balloon. Add Ribbon and a decorative Balloon Weight, and your campaign will be a total success.

  • 1 and 2 Side Balloon Printing in Full Color with exact PMS ink color matching
  • Durable, Hi-Quality Foil Balloon material for maximum float time
  • 4 popular Stock Designs (18″ Round, 18″ Star, 18″ Heart, 22″ Square)
  • Custom Shaped Foil Balloons available
  • Add Balloon Ribbon & Balloon Weights to match
  • Custom Packaging available