Suzy Goodman-Pollack is awarded the U.S. Design Patent (US D831,126 S) for the 1-pc. E-Z Balloon Cup™ ‘n Stick she designed and assigned to, Creative Balloons Mfg.


The 1 pc E-Z Balloon Cup™ Stick seals off a printed latex or foil balloon, that has been inflated with air. In certain instances, where helium is not available, or allowable, the air filled balloon meets the needs of the user. This saves the user time in sealing the balloon, and, it provides a means of carrying the air inflated balloon, or, placing the balloon in a vase, with flowers, or in another receptacle. Creative Balloons provides the latex and foil balloons that work with the cup/stick.


The air inflated balloon should remain inflated for 1-2 weeks when attached to the E-Z Balloon Cup™ ‘n Stick. Creative Balloons Mfg. also produces the same item in a 2-pc. version, which has been distributed to customers for 20-years. The 1-pc. version is especially appreciated by restaurants who serve the family market. Both items are recyclable. This item is child safety approved by a leading Independent Laboratory.