In this DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial from Creative Balloons Mfg., learn how to easily make a Balloon Garland using our top quality latex balloons from the Celebrity Balloons line, which is available on Amazon.

DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial - How To Easily Make a Balloon Garland

What is a DIY Balloon Garland?

A balloon garland is a festive, eye-catching way to decorate for parties and special events. Plus, a balloon garland is an affordable and beautiful option for photo backdrops, event decor, and for use at grand openings and store events. Unlike traditional balloon arches (that have a rainbow-like shape), modern balloon garlands use a variety of balloon sizes and colors to create more “organic” looking design. These balloon garlands are often used for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial - How To Easily Create a Balloon Garland

While balloon garlands have become a popular way of decorating for parties, most DIY Balloon Garland tutorials on the web are labor-intensive and time-consuming to follow. That’s why we’ve come up with this tutorial, to make it easier and faster for you to create a DIY Balloon Garland in just a few simple steps.

DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial - How To Easily Create a Balloon Garland

Using easy balloon decorating supplies like a Balloon Decorating Strip and Glue Dots (rather than a low-temp hot glue gun and string), you can effortlessly create a stunning Balloon Garland by following this simple tutorial.

DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial

DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial - How To Create a Balloon Garland

STEP 1: Shop for the Celebrity Balloons brand exclusively from Creative Balloons Mfg. on Amazon. Order a variety of balloon colors and sizes. As an example, in the balloon garland pictured here, we used 5″, 9″, 12″, 16″, and 36″ balloons in Metallic Silver, Pastel White, Metallic Rose Gold, and Pastel Pink colors. We recommend using a mix of mini balloons, standard balloons, and jumbo balloons to create a more interesting and visually-pleasing design.

STEP 2: Inflate the balloons with air using a hand pump inflator or electric air inflator.

STEP 3: Tie a knot in the neck of each balloon and attach to a balloon decorating strip. Once the foundation of the DIY Balloon Garland is complete, using glue dots, adhere inflated 5″ mini balloons to the garland (to fill-in empty spaces).

STEP 4: Secure the DIY Balloon Garland to a wall or other display using self-adhesive hooks and string.

OPTIONAL: You can also attach an inflated foil balloon (such as the “Love Script Foil Balloon” shown above) for an extra accent. This is a great way to include a special message or greeting (such as “Happy Birthday” or “BABY”).