Party hosts have limited time and budgets to decorate before a special event. That’s why Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. developed its E-Z Safety Seal® Ribbon Valved Balloon, available nationwide in the award-winning YANKEE DOODLE DANDY™ E-Z BALLOON KIT®. This is the perfect portable, disposable helium balloon kit for busy people who want easy to use, family-friendly, Do-It-Yourself party decorations. 

E-Z Balloon Kit is a portable disposable helium tank and self sealing latex balloons

E-Z Balloon Kit Makes Event Decorating Fast & Easy

E-Z BALLOON KIT is the EASIEST, FASTEST, & SAFEST balloon kit on the market! Customers can inflate, seal, and string a helium-filled balloon in just seconds.

The E-Z Balloon Kit is child-safe and provides a quick, inexpensive decorating solution for events (both large and small). The lightweight helium balloon kit is portable and convenient – customers simply inflate balloons on the spot, which eliminates the hazard of driving through traffic with inflated balloons, as well as the major expense of hiring a professional balloon decorator. The E-Z Balloon Kit can be used year-round, for birthdays, fundraisers, graduations, holidays, sporting events, barbecues, and more.

E-Z Balloon Kit is a portable disposable helium tank and self sealing latex balloonsThe Yankee Doodle Dandy E-Z Balloon Kit contains self-sealing valved balloons, that come with 4-feet of curled, satin ribbon attached to each balloon and are pre-inserted in each balloon at our factory, thereby saving time, money and effort. Any inexperienced person can inflate a valved latex balloon in just seconds. You can inflate up to 10 balloons per minute. The unused product can be stored up to one (1) year, and when the E-Z Balloon Kit has been used, customers can simply put the box and empty helium tank in their recycling can. This product meets all U.S. Consumer Product Safety requirements, and is 100% recyclable.

One of the most colorful, eye-catching, and fun party items is a Helium-filled Balloon. But, what most families don’t realize is that balloons can be dangerous. Young children have been known to choke on ordinary latex balloons; whether they are unfilled or deflated. Little kids think balloons are “play-toys” (which, they are not), and they like to chew on them. Naturally, parents demand “safety” when it comes to products intended for family use. Being a family-owned company means we make product safety a top priority. The E-Z Balloon Kit is the only helium balloon kit in the country that features the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 “Approved” E-Z Safety Seal ® Ribbon Valved Balloon (which prevents choking if ingested by a child). All components of the product (balloon, valve, ribbon, helium tank) have been safety-tested by an Independent Laboratory. Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. cautions families to supervise children under 8 years of age.

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® was featured on the “Arizona Midday” TV Show (NBC Phoenix) (May 2010)

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® was featured on AOL Small Business (July 2010)

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® was featured in the “Product Picks” section of Party & Paper Magazine (April 2009 issue)

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® won the “2009 Preferred Choice Award” from Creative Child Magazine (November 2009 issue)

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® received a 5 out of 5 “Thumbs Up” rating by Family Review Center, and was a nominee for Family Review Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® was featured in Special Events Magazine’s “Eventline” Product Gallery (December 2009)

• E-Z BALLOON KIT ® was featured in Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine’s E-Newsletter (January 2010)