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Here’s what to expect after you submit your Quick Quote Request

  1. A team member will be reviewing your request, and will e-mail you to request details/art file, or will be calling you to discuss.
  2. The team member will provide you with a quote that outlines the minimum production quantity, shape, colors, and cost estimates.
  3. If the quote meets your approval, we will need all hi-resolution editable art files emailed to us. The team member will provide details.
  4. We will begin by producing a prototype and once approved, we will request a PO and begin on the digital rendering, mold and order.

Our goal is to make the ordering, production and delivery of a Custom Balloon easy for every client.

Here’s a few commonly asked questions: 

How long will it take to produce my Custom Shape Foil Balloons?

Given that a new Custom Shape Foil Balloon can take 4 weeks to produce, should you need delivery faster we might be able to move other orders around on a Rush. We also recommend you consider alternatively a Custom Printed Foil Balloon here which can be produced quicker than a custom shape balloon which requires a new mold and art plates. If you need immediate assistance today, please call us at 1-800-538-5800 (Monday-Friday 9-5 PST, excluding holidays)

Will my team be able to see a prototype before I place the order?

Yes! A prototype is made for every new custom shape foil balloon project, and is done by hand (takes 3-4 days). The prototype is in white, and is to provide the client with an indication of the shape to be produced. We typically email photos of the prototype to the client from different angles and once approved, we proceed to the next step. Should you require any minor modifications, we can do so at this phase. Cost is $350 for the prototype however that fee is reimbursed back to you once you place your production order, so there’s no cost to you when you order.

Will I get to see a digital rendering (proof) of the balloons?

Yes! Our graphics department will also create a digital rendering for you of the front/back of the balloon for your review and approval. There’s no cost for the digital rendering. A digital rendering is typically provided after receipt of your production order.

When will we need to pay for the balloons?

We ask for a 50% deposit in good faith at time of order, with balance due at time of shipment. We also e-mail you tracking information for each shipment. We accept check, bank wire, and major credit cards.

What if we want to produce multiple balloon designs but of the same shape?

No problem! Once a new mold is created of your intended shape, we can simply produce new art plates in any new designs/graphics that you want. For example, if you had a Red Heart Shape and now wanted it to be Purple, we can make new plates in purple and re-run the production on the existing mold. You will not be charged twice for the mold, only the new art plates. The minimum production quantity would apply to any new run (design) of balloon. 

What's your Minimum for Free Shipping?

We provide Free Shipping by ground to any of the 48 United States for a Custom Shape Foil Balloon order. If you need expedited shipping, we can provide a quote for that. 

Can you ship my Custom Balloons Internationally?

Yes, you bet! We get very competitively discounted international freight rates due to our volume, and would be happy to provide you with a quote for shipment of your balloons to an international destination(s). Simply e-mail us with the full shipping address. Our quotes can be provided inclusive or not-inclusive of VATs/duties. If you prefer, we can even bill 3rd party to your shipping account (i.e. DHL) should you request it from us at time of order.

Do you offer Rush Delivery on Custom Shape Foil Balloons?

Yes! There’s a small $350 fee for Rushes that are guaranteed to be delivered in 5 weeks. Sometimes, we can move orders around to accommodate a specific required in-hands date to deliver even sooner — so please ask us before you place your order so we can check with our factory scheduler.

Do you offer Ribbon attachment to the Balloons?

Yes! There’s a very small fee to attach 7 feet of white satin ribbon to each balloon at our factory. Please inquire. 

Do you offer Custom Kitting?

Yes! We can quote on a custom kit that you want like a 5 ct balloon pack, 10 ct balloon pack or other. Please inquire. 

Do you offer Customized Retail Packs?

Yes! We can quote on a custom retail single pack that features your own bespoke color-printed insert card, UPC code, and hang-hole for retail display. Please inquire.

Still have questions we haven't answered?

No problem, please e-mail us at to inquire.

We look forward to working together with you and your company to create an incredible balloon that exceeds your expectations.


The Creative Balloons Manufacturing Team