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Okay, so how much Helium do my balloons need?

Get Helium Delivered!

Yankee Doodle Dandy™ E-Z Balloon Kit™

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“The fastest and easiest way to inflate a perfect helium balloon in just 6 seconds”

  • E-Z Safety Seal™ Valved Latex Balloons Eliminate All Balloon Tying!
  • Inflates Helium-Filled Latex Balloons in minutes! 
  • Helium Tank is Lightweight, Portable & Recyclable. 
  • Great for inflating balloons at Parties & Events.
  • Ships by LTL/UPS® Ground Hazmat to Businesses.
  • Made in the USA (with Global Components)

NOTE: Ships via ground hazmat carrier only. No air shipping. Only ships to 48 United States by Ground (HI/AK and US Territories excluded). For international orders, please email us for an ocean freight quote first. Item cannot be returned due to Hazmat regulations.



Imagine never having to hand-tie another balloon again!

Introducing the Yankee Doodle Dandy™ E-Z Balloon Kit™

Each E-Z Balloon Kit™ includes a portable helium balloon tank and package of our patented E-Z Safety Seal™ Valved 10″ Latex Balloons in festive, assorted colors come complete with ribbon attached.

No more hand-tying, no need to buy or attach ribbon, just inflate and the balloons automatically seal themselves!

This portable helium balloon tank kit is simply so easy to use — lightweight, portable and recyclable after use. It’s just that E-Z!

Watch the demo video:

Decorating and promoting for any party, event or special occasion is a breeze with the Yankee Doodle Dandy™ E-Z Balloon Kit™. Each Kit comes complete with a pre-filled portable, disposable Helium tank, inflation nozzle (attached), and a package of Assorted Color E-Z Safety Seal® Valved Latex Balloons.

No more hand-tying balloons, driving through traffic with balloons blocking your view.

Simply inflate balloons on the spot at the Party or Event in just minutes!

Tank is Recyclable after use too! 

  • Preferred Choice Award Winner – Creative Child Magazine ’09
  • “5 out of 5 Thumbs Up” Rating & Review – Family Review Magazine
  • NOTE: Ships via ground hazmat carrier only. No air shipping. Only ships to 48 United States by Ground (HI/AK and US Territories excluded). Allow approx. 5 for U.S. delivery. For international orders/shipments, please email us for an ocean freight quote. Item cannot be returned due to Hazmat regulations.

    Each Standard 48″ x 48″ Pallet holds up to:

    50 units of the Small E-Z Balloon Kit™ or 60 units of the Large E-Z Balloon Kit™



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    Phone: 831-622-5210


    Keep our of the reach of children.
    The balloons in this package represent a possible choking hazard. Children under eight years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons immediately.
    DANGER: Content Under Pressure:
    Do not place nozzle in nose or mouth for any reason. Doing so can damage lungs and other body parts, which can result in serious personal injury or death. The cylinder contains compressed helium under pressure.
    Do not inhale helium. Use only in a well ventilated area. Never in closed spaces. Helium reduces and can eliminate oxygen available for breathing. Inhaling helium can result in serious personal injury or death.
    Danger: Contents Under Pressure.
    Do not store in damp areas. This can cause the cylinder to rust. Rusting of the cylinder can result in a violent bursting of the cylinder resulting in personal injury or death.
    Do not refill with any material. This is a non-refillable cylinder. Refilling could result in a violent bursting of the cylinder resulting in serious personal injury or death.
    Do not mistreat the cylinder by dropping on sharp or pointed surfaces. This could puncture the cylinder causing sudden release of the contents resulting in serious personal injury or death.
    Do not puncture or incinerate cylinder. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, (49 Celsius). Exposure to these conditions could result in the operation of the pressure relief device, which will result in a sudden discharge of pressure from the cylinder, resulting in serious personal injury or death.
    While outdoors, close valve tightly. Unscrew and remove nozzle by hand or with a 3/4″ wrench carefully, then open valve completely to release any residual pressure in tank. Take tank to a steel recycling pickup, or, if necessary, dispose with trash.
    Note: Please respect the environment. Do not release balloons outdoors in free flight.
    DOT-39 NRC / 260/325 M1005
    Inside container complies with prescribed specifications. E-Z Safety Seal Balloon Valve safety approved by an independent laboratory through Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc.
    Cylinder manufactured and filled by Worthington Cylinder Corporation – Columbus, Ohio, a subsidiary or Worthington Industries.

    Additional information

    Weight 10 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 in
    Balloon Kit Size:

    20 Balloon Kit (7.9 cu ft tank), 50 Balloon Kit (14.9 cu ft tank)


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    There’s nothing worse than buying all of your beautiful balloons, and come to find that you don’t have enough Helium to fill them up. The calculator provides estimates, but it should be a helpful start. If you need any assistance, please contact a Balloon Expert at Creative Balloons Manufacturing to discuss your Balloon needs: 1 (800) 538-5800 (M-F)

    Why we built this calculator just for you (yes you):

    Our simple and easy to use calculator helps you determine the estimated amount of Helium per Balloon and the Number of Helium Tanks you might need. Yes, two birds one calculator. Not only does this helium balloon chart help you better plan for your up-coming Helium Tank needs, it also helps you calculate for your budget.

    Use our Helium Balloon Chart to estimate how much Helium Gas is required to fill a Latex Balloon, Mylar Foil Balloon or multiple the output yourself to determine what’s required for that snazzy Balloon Bouquet Cluster you’re going to create. Below are approximations, and actual results may vary based on many conditions (indoor/outdoor use, amount of direct sunlight, balloon type, helium or air mixture in your tank, etc). Typically, you can rent a standard 242 cubic foot Helium Tank from a local gas supplier, welding company or tank rental firm.

    What if I don’t want to rent a Helium Tank? If you need one-time use, portable, disposable Helium Tanks called our Yankee Doodle Dandy E-Z Balloon Kit, please contact Creative Balloons Manufacturing at 1 (800) 538-5800 — we ship worldwide, plus they are recyclable after use. Pretty cool, right?

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