The Best Selection of Helium Balloon Inflators

Helium Balloon Inflators Creative Balloons ManufacturingCreative Balloons Manufacturing offers a complete line of the best quality Helium Balloon Inflators, that are great for inflating Latex Balloons and Foil Balloons quickly with Helium.

A Helium Solution for Every Program:

  • E-Z Needle Nozzle Inflator – For use with our E-Z Safety Seal Valved Balloons
  • Economy Inflator* – Simple, Affordable, Quickly Inflates Balloons with Helium
  • Classic Inflator* – Inflates Latex, Foil Balloons & Valved Balloons with Helium
  • Precision Plus Inflator** – Double-Sided Unit Inflates Latex/Foil Balloons with Helium

*  Available with or without built-in Helium Gauge (never run short of Helium again!)
**Available with optional 60/40 Helium/Air Nozzle (Save Money! Inflate balloons with 40% air)

Helium-Balloon-Inflators-_-Creative-Balloons-ManufacturingGreat for:

  • Retail Chains
  • Restaurant Chains & QSRs
  • Supermarket Chains (GM, Stationary & Floral)
  • Party Stores
  • Florists
  • Balloon Decorators
  • Special Events
  • New Product Launches
  • Grand Openings

 Need help choosing the right Helium Balloon Inflator for your Program or Business?

Contact one of our Balloon Specialists for recommendations, more information and pricing.