How does a company double its branding with an Imprinted Helium Filled Balloon? It makes sense to add a few cents to the cost of a balloon promotion with a custom balloon weight (appropriately called LogoWeight™), to increase sales and reinforce brand recognition. To help businesses, organizations, and advertising agencies accomplish this task, Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. designed the LogoWeight. This custom balloon weight was created to help companies with their advertising and promotional efforts.

Logo Weights are Custom Balloon Weights and Balloon Accessories for tethering Helium Filled Balloons, Custom Logo Balloons, Imprinted Balloons, Advertising Balloons

Today’s buzz is the brand, whether it’s a genetically-modified veggie like the Broccolini™ (Tm – Mann Packing Co.) or a reality-induced commodity like the Kardashians. Somehow, everyone knows the names and what each represents. How does this happen?

“In the advertising world, we know the phenomenon as ‘branding’. It is the stamp of recognition. It’s visible proof of a successful marketing campaign, and the direct result of an ad budget well spent,” states Suzy Goodman-Pollack, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Designer of Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. (Carmel, California).

How does a Helium Filled Balloon (latex or foil) play a role in branding? Follow a few of the outstanding fast food icons and soon realize the power of a bouncing billboard. Fast food chains know how to spread a message, in their print ads, television commercials, and helium balloon promotions. Advertising pays. That’s why companies use custom logo imprinted advertising balloons for marketing, combined with custom balloon weights to add increased promotional exposure for their brands.

What’s the secret to spreading a message on a custom logo imprinted  balloon (filled with helium), and insuring that advertising doesn’t fly away? “Problem presented, problem solved,” advises Jules Pollack, President of Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc.. “We recently introduced our new, patented LogoWeight™ (custom balloon weight), which not only tethers helium filled custom logo imprinted advertising balloons, but it adds additional branding (for just pennies!) to every promotion.”

The patented LogoWeight™ (8 gram custom logo balloon weight) is available in a range of vibrant colors: Primary-Plus Assortment (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green), Pastel Assortment (Light Blue, Pink, Lavender, White), Trendy Neon Assortment (Hot Pink, Lime Green, Bright Orange, Turquoise Blue). Companies can order the LogoWeight™ in single colors, as well, to tie-in with their established logos. Each LogoWeight tethers 1 – 18″ Foil Balloon or 1 – 11″ Latex Balloon.

Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. is the reputable source for marketing campaign needs, providing custom printed helium balloons, inflators, sealing devices, and LogoWeights.