Plain Foil Balloons

Plain Foil Balloons are the perfect balloon for every type of Birthday Party, Special Event, Graduation, Holiday and Business Promotion. Buy in bulk and enjoy top quality balloons at low, wholesale balloon prices.


  • Choose from our most Popular Shapes!
    • 22″ Square Balloons
    • 18″ Round Balloons
    • 18″ Heart Balloons
    • 18″ Star Balloons
    • 18″ Diamonds
  • Durable, Hi Quality Foil Balloon Material
  • Stays inflated for weeks at a time with one Helium-fill!
  • Built-in self-sealing helium balloon valve locks in Helium
  • Order Satin Balloon Ribbon & Balloon Weights for a finished look.
  • Ribbon sold separately (500 yard spools)
  • Some U.S. States require Balloon Weights to tether Foil Balloons
  • Balloon Weights sold separately