Printed Valved Latex Balloons

Printed Valved Latex Balloons - Creative Balloons Manufacturing


Excellent quality, long-lasting Printed Valved Latex Balloons are great for promoting any business, special event, fundraiser and much more. Our fast turn-around process delivers top-quality Printed Valved Latex Balloons at wholesale prices within just days. Enjoy up to 4-color Printed Balloons on 1 or 2 sides for maximum branding and visibility.

Each Latex Balloon comes with with the E-Z Safety Seal® Valve pre-inserted at our factory (no assembly required).

Benefits of Printed Valved Latex Balloons:

  • E-Z Safety Seal® Valve eliminates all Hand-Tying of Balloons.
  • Choose 1 or 2 Side Balloon Print
  • Custom Print Balloons with Any Logo, Slogan or Design.
  • Choose 9″ or 11″ Printed Latex Balloons
  • Choose Single or Assorted Color Latex Balloons

Balloon Color Chart - Creative Balloons Manufacturing

Add top quality Balloon Accessories like Balloon Ribbon or Balloon Weights for a finished look that matches your balloon colors perfectly!

Printed Valved Latex Balloons - Creative Balloons Manufacturing