E-Z Balloon Tie™ with White Ribbon

E-Z Balloon Tie™ with White Ribbon

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The E-Z way to seal and string a Helium-filled Latex Balloon in just seconds.

Eliminates Hand-Tying of Balloons

Great for Fast Balloon Distribution

Fits most 9″ to 12″ Latex Balloons

250 pcs per bag x 20 bags per case

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The E-Z Balloon Tie™ is the Fast Way to Seal

Helium-Filled Latex Balloons


The E-Z Balloon Tie™ is ideal for Balloon Decorators, Event Planners, Party Planners, Fast Moving Retail Operations and Fundraising Campaigns. Quickly seal and string a Helium Filled Latex Balloon in just seconds without any of the mess of hand tying balloons, buying extra balloon ribbon, or dealing with sore fingers from tying hundreds of balloons in a row! Save time and money with these top quality Helium Balloon Ties.

  • The E-Z way to Seal & String Helium Latex Balloons
  • 4-Feet of Coiled White Satin Ribbon Attached
  • No Hand Tying of the Balloon!
  • No Need to Buy Extra Balloon Ribbon!
  • Save Time & Money Inflating & Sealing Helium Balloons
  • Works on most size Latex Balloons
  • Packaged: 250 pcs/bag x 20 bags/case

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 18 × 16 in