*** For Immediate Release ***

For 2018, and every year that follows, Rose Gold will be a special shade that endures. It is much like silver and gold, but it bespeaks yesteryear in the Millennium. It is a shade that had great popularity before our time, and it has made a resurgence.

Creative Balloons Mfg. (Carmel, CA) listens to its Distributors. One said “how about your Bubble Weight™ in rose gold?” Suzy Goodman-Pollack, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Designer, responded, “We can try that”.

35 gram Bubble Weight Rose Gold - Creative Balloons Mfg IncEasier said, than done. It took several months to arrive at the right shade; but, now the Distributor is happy with the outcome. “Finding the solution is what it’s all about. It might take time, and it might take money, but pleasing our Distributors is what makes us happy” states Suzy.

“The Distributors are pleased, with our Rose Gold Bubble Weight™ and Cube Weight™ and their customers will benefit. That makes us feel good. They are now able to service Decorators, Party Stores, and Supermarkets.”

65 gram Cube Weight Rose Gold - Creative Balloons Mfg Inc

Balloon weights hold Helium Balloons in place. This is important when state law indicates helium foil balloons must be held down with an approprirate weight. This is law in California.