June 30, 2014                                                                                                                             


Smart Balloon Practices The Balloon Council

 Carmel, CA – Smart Balloon Practices is a campaign sponsored by The Balloon Council (TBC), an organization made up of responsible retailers, distributors, and manufactures that are dedicated to educating others about the wonders of balloons and the proper handling of them. Creative Balloons understands what an integral component balloons are for festivities of all kinds. This is why we want to make sure we can all safely enjoy balloons at our parties; therefore, they promote Smart Balloon guidelines which include:

  • Keeping your balloons secured to a weight. A helium filled balloon should be tied securely to a weight that will keep it from releasing into the air.
  • Never releasing foil balloons into the air.  After the party is over, many people will want to take the balloons home, but when you’re finished with them, pop the balloons and dispose of them properly.  Do not release them into the air, although it is very rare, they can cause problems if they are tangled in power lines and can turn into roadside litter if not disposed of properly.
  • Keeping deflated or popped latex balloons away from small children to avoid risks of choking. Children can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons; adults should always supervise young children—especially those under 8 years-old—with balloons.

Visit TBC online for more information about smart balloon practices.




Creative Balloons Manufacturing has been a leading, award-winning supplier of top-quality Latex Balloons, Foil Balloons, Balloon Accessories, Balloon Weights and Portable, Disposable Helium Balloon Kits since 1973 worldwide. For more information on Balloons and Balloon Supplies that can assist you with your Smart Balloon Practice Program, please contact our Customer Service Team.