Valved Latex Balloons - Creative Balloons ManufacturingValved Latex Balloons feature our patented E-Z Safety Seal® Valve, that is factory-inserted into the balloon and makes inflating and sealing a Helium-filled Latex Balloon fast and easy.  The 1-way Helium Balloon Valve includes 4 feet of coiled satin ribbon, and completely eliminates hand-tying of balloons. Valved Latex Balloons can be re-used as there is no need to tie a knot in the neck of the balloon, and they are 100% recyclable. This time saver is the best Helium Balloon selection for a fast moving operation.


Features of Valved Latex Balloons:

  • Inflate, Seal & String a Helium Balloon in 6 seconds.
  • E-Z Safety Seal® “Big Barrel™” Valve Eliminates Hand Tying.
  • Valve opening fits most Helium Balloon Inflators.
  • 4 Feet of Satin Ribbon Pre-Attached to each Balloon.
  • Choose 9″ or 11″ Valved Latex Balloons
  • Choose Single Colors or Assorted Colors

Balloon Color Chart - Creative Balloons Manufacturing


Valved Latex Balloons Creative Balloons Mfg

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