The Trusted Balloon Source since 1973

From Wholesale Floral Suppliers to Wholesale Balloon Distributors, Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. is a trusted vendor partner delivering top-quality, Wholesale Balloons, Balloon Weights and Balloon Accessories worldwide. With U.S. and overseas facilities, and U.S. warehouses (NC & TX), Wholesale Supply Distributors in the Floral, Party and General Merchandise industries rely on us for consistent top quality, consumer-safe products delivered promptly. Our Nationwide Distribution coverage ensures wholesale balloon delivery in just days, not weeks. We also ship Worldwide and can deliver products door-to-door or door-to-port for international wholesale balloon clients.

  • Pallet Deliveries
  • LTL Deliveries
  • FTL Deliveries

Worldwide Shipments at a Savings:

Work with our experienced logistics team to ship your balloon cargo worldwide without any hassles. We routinely coordinate with shipping and trucking companies to ensure your cargo arrives in a timely manner on our Factory-Direct shipments. Our Factory-Direct shipments provide Wholesalers with top selling balloon and party products, fine tuned for their respective markets on consolidated shipments. Wholesalers save more time and money when sourcing from Creative Balloons Manufacturing.

Contact us for a referral to one of our many Wholesale Distributors worldwide, or to discuss becoming an authorized Wholesale Distributor for your markets.

A Turn-Key Solution for Every Balloon Project:

Heart Foil Balloons - Wholesale Balloon - Custom Foil Balloons - Creative Balloons ManufacturingLet our Operations team work directly with your team during the quotation process to add any custom packaging, fulfillment and distribution capabilities you may require for your projects and customer programs.

  • Computerized Inventory Control
  • Drop-Shipping available
  • Custom Labeling available
  • Custom Packaging available
  • Custom Product Production
  • Custom Kitting available