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Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Balloon Weights, supplying a myriad of companies around the globe, including: Supermarket Chains, Wholesale Distributors, Balloon Decorators, Party Stores, Retail Businesses, Event Planners, and Advertising Companies for their helium-filled balloon programs.

The company produces a full range of designer-quality wholesale Balloon Weights marketed under their “Happy Weight™” line that includes just about every size balloon weight any company or professional might need to tether a single Helium-filled Latex or Foil Balloon, all the way up to a large Cluster or Balloon Bouquet or Jumbo Balloon.

Wholesale Balloon Weights

But where function meets design is where the company really excels. By creating bright, festive colored balloon weights that coordinate with the most popular balloon colors, the company provides Retailers and Decorators with the perfect match that increases retail sales and have a positive impact on the overall look at the party.

For example, the patented 35-gram Bubble Weight features a contemporary-shaped, compact-sized balloon weight, including a large loop for tying ribbon with ease. Most importantly, the unique flat bottom portion enables the balloon weight to sit perfectly on table tops and retail counters. This design didn’t come by accident, rather it was an integral part of the development process by the company’s chief designer and EVP, Suzy Goodman-Pollack.

These innovative wholesale Balloon Weights are big sellers worldwide, and loved by consumers in many countries throughout the U.S. and Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The company ships wholesale quantity volumes of Balloon Weights from its U.S. Warehouses in Ohio and California, as well as factory-direct to customers worldwide.